Who We Are

The Vision which drives PSVN is one of continuous improvement and growth in a variety of areas that contribute to increasing self reliance, expanding capability and deepening community.

We intend that this group will help you improve as a person, give you help in forming your team and provide a forum to network and connect with similar groups from around the PNW. A key focus is helping each other along our paths – whether the goal is urban homesteading, emergency preparedness or forming a Mutual Assistance Group – while being capable contributors to our local and regional community.

We do this by leveraging our individual strengths to elevate others, organizing various activities for learning/doing/sharing and organizing area-wide and regional gatherings and events. We have a broad focus – from gardening and food security, herbal healing and urban/rural foraging to technical areas such as radio communications and solar power to hands-on bushcrafting and survival skills. Check our website for a sampling of recent and future activities.

Folks of all backgrounds and skill levels with a wide variety of goals will find this group to be helpful and welcoming while offering an opportunity to challenge yourself to growth. There is no barrier to participation other than your willingness to grow and share. We are a family friendly group.

Be Aware. Get Prepared. Stay Safe.

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