What We Do

Meet, Collaborate,  Learn.

Puget Sound Viking Network is, simply put, a group of regular people who get together once a month in order to  share our experiences and knowledge.

In addition to meeting once a month, we also schedule outings to facilitate a working knowledge base of what we can do to make our lives safer, not only in an emergency situation, but also in everyday life.


  • Test Gear
  • Test our Skills
  • Learn new skills in group environments
  • Practice skills
  • Learn about new technologies
  • Learn about various organizations setup to help people in emergency situations
  • Encourage participation from and with all members.

and so much more.


Our membership is stretched from the southern Seattle/Tacoma region to the Canadian Border, as far east as Idaho, and West through the San Juans. Feel free to join us at our next Monthly Meeting,(scroll down to current events) and please contact us if you would like to come, or just show up!



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