Meetup January 6th, 2019

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Meetup January 6th, 2019

Monthly Meetup at Bob’s Burgers & Brew…Sunday, Jan 6, 2019

2:20pm – 5:15pm, 9394 Old Hwy 99 North Rd, Burlington

Come meetup and experience an afternoon of camaraderie while we focus on Safety and Security in an ever changing world.

Topic 1: Introduction to Puget Sound Vikings website and blog

Topic 2: 2019 Planning Roundtable. Discussion topics, workshops and activities. Some topics will require several discussion sessions to be followed by an exercise or activity. Below are a few of the topics and activities which we have on plan – let’s refresh this list and plan the year. If you have a particular skill or knowledge base, or desire to learn and present on a given topic ….. own it and do it!

Topic 3: PNW Regional Rendezvous – Concept is a regional, 2-3 day meetup with workshops, speakers, practicum and training. Strengthen our skills, knowledge and grow the regional network.

Future info sharing/tutorial presentations planned include:

  • Radio Communications – Amateur Radio and others. Communication protocols in NPE.
  • Butchering Workshop – Hands on
  • Home Security – Hardening Your Refuge
  • Legal Aspects of Self Defense Use of Force – ROL vs WROL
  • Gardening For Food (Urban Farming)
  • Principles of Health and Healing – Working with Nature.
  • Solar Power Design Workshop – Let’s Design YOUR System
  • Food Security – Procurement, Preservation, Storage

Future Activities

  • Range Day – pistol and rifle basic marksmanship
  • Firearm Cleaning, Maintenance and Storage
  • Concealed Carry – Methods, Gear, Tips
  • Home Canning – Hands on workshop
  • Bushcraft Outing – two day/overnight outing to practice skills, mountain setting
  • Greyman Exercise Part I – seeing and not being seen
  • Greyman Exercise Part II – intrude and detect
  • Get Home Exercise
  • Urban Foraging
  • Gardening Work Party – Who Wants Help Setting up Their Garden??

Open to suggestions and volunteers

Reminders and Research

  • Viking Library – donate a book to the box. Books available for loan for one month.
  • Gear Giveaway/Exchange – bring some gear to give away or barter.
  • Hazards and Alerts – research sources of alerting for hazards that are pertinent to the Puget Sound. Share in March.

Previous info sharing/tutorial/demonstrations include:

  • Solar Power 101
  • Vehicle Readiness Kit
  • Get Home Kit
  • Alternate Route Planning
  • Food Security – grab-and-go bucket
  • Gardening in the PNW – Part I – Site Considerations
  • Foraging in the PNW
  • Firearms Training – Overview of locally available options

Contact us for more information or with any questions.

Your information is always safe with us.


Take I-5 Exit 232 (Cook Road Exit) East
Turn North on Old Hwy 99 (you’ll see it there)

Puget Sound Viking Monthly Meeting - Bob's Burgers & Brew, Burlington Washington

Bob’s Burgers & Brew, Burlington Washington


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