Hike & Gear Check – Nov 17th

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Hike & Gear Check – Nov 17th

Sunday, Nov 18, 10am – 3pm. Come a bit early and network:

Grab whatever you have in the way of a bugout kit and let’s get some mud on our boots and try a few pieces of kit and test our skills. Don’t have a bugout bag? No problem, bring hiking gear and come along. Not a competition or a tactical expedition, more of a chance to try things out, share and learn. We have harder outings planned.

Rendezvous at:

Duvall Safeway, depart 10 am.
14020 Main St NE, Duvall, WA 98019

Carpool to:

Cherry Creek Falls – Trail Head:
16538 Kelly Rd NE, Duvall, WA 98019
(Parking along Mountain View Road)


Trail is 5 miles round trip, fairly flat. All are welcomed, kids included. Please let me know if you plan to participate so we know to wait for you at the rendezvous.

We plan three skills stops – fire building, shelter skills, water gathering/sanitizing. Think along the lines of looking for and utilizing water sources as we walk toward our destination where you can deploy your shelter, build a fire and boil some of that water. Wet autumn weather will make a natural fire slightly challenging ….. plan on gathering fire materials along the route. Got a belt pouch in which to put gathered materials?

If you have an FRS/GMRS radio bring it. we will try to find it’s limitations and maybe practice some tactical comm skills.

If you want to make this a true test, don’t prep your  bag – just grab it and go. You will get a great sense of your state of readiness. I plan to bring a few new items to try out, and will have my eyes open for new ideas and folks with better skills.


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  1. Great people, great time.

    Demo and discussion of water gathering and purification including types of pathogens and the effect of different filtering/purification techniques on each.

    Tinder and wood gathering and fire starting exercise. We have some master pyromaniacs on board this ship. Yummy pine needle tea prepared and enjoyed.

    Test-out of FRS handy-talkies and practice of tactical comm checks and rudimentary codes.

    Most importantly, this activity helped us get better acquainted.

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